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Tracking: (S7 was Category 6)




All systems will alert the monitoring beureu of theft. But do so on different levels.


Thatcham Category S7 is one of the new classifications for vehicle Trackers replacing the Thatcham Category 6 and 7. These Trackers offer a range of features from a simple track and locate, to live tracking. Thatcham Category S7 is a GPS, GPRS and GSM stolen vehicle recovery system which has a movement sensor for its trigger along with a battery backup in case the vehicle battery gets disconnected enabling you to still track the vehicle at all times. If this is all your insurance company require this is a great affordable option to protect your vehicle..


The system auto alerts beureu if the vehicle doesn't see the vehicle ignition on movement.


A hidden ignition isolator switch can also be installed to alert bureau of theft. This is not passive and will require user to activate / deactivate.


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Tracking: (S5 was Category 7)



The S5 Tracker is essentially an S7. However to move the vehicle you will have a registered app that de-activates the systems parked status and allows the vehicle to move without notification to the beureu.


You can also purchase ADR (Driver Recognition cards) to save using the app.


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Tracking: (S5 plus was Category 5)


The S5 Plus Tracker is the highest level of Thatcham approved theft recovery tracking and is the upgraded version of the CAT5 Tracker. Again, if you have an active CAT 5 tracker installed then this will still remain valid and active if your insurance policy is now requiring an S5 Plus Tracker. The difference here is the further installation of a remote immobiliser the can be activated by the beureu upon Police request.



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Tracking: (Fleet non Thatcham)



Viasat Tracking: More Information here:†† Trakm8 Tracking: More Information here:

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All systems are monitored by a thatcham approved beureu.

Customer has an app that will also position and map show vehicle in real time.


App is required to deactivate tracking and make vehicle safe to move.