Existing Account Customers:


Payment required end of month plus 1 month.


New Regular Customer seeking Account: Official Order Required.


Payment required end of month plus 1 month. Maximum order £350.00p excluding VAT.


Other Business

Cash or Cheques are accepted. Cheques to the value of £350 excluding VAT.


Overdue Accounts will receive 2 notifications within 1 month of due.




If the amount is not settled in full a final settlement date will be set and if not met the amount will be referred to a debt collection agency without any further communication.




Suffolk Alarm Systems and their appointed agency reserve the right to pursue not only the amount but also any incurred costs in the pursuit of said amount.


Note: That all goods and unpaid Airtime remains the property of Suffolk Alarm Systems until paid. Suffolk Alarm Systems reserve the right to remove and or disconnect any airtime until overdue sum(s) are retrieved.

Terms & Conditions

of trading

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