Vehicle & Plant Protection



IMPROVED FLEET PERFORMANCE: Up-to-the-minute tracking of key vehicle and asset systems, empowers you to be proactive instead of reactive. Skyline provides you with actionable data and detailed insight, enabling you to rapidly respond to any situation. In turn allowing you to reduce fleet related costs and optimise maintenance procedures.


FLEET REPORTS: In-depth performance reports provide fleet managers with vital analytics and management data that is proven to save you valuable time and resources. Highlighting key concerns reduces the need to examine every individual report in detail allowing informed decision-making.


THEFT PROTECTION: Our theft prevention and recovery systems allow you to have the peace of mind that your valuable assets are protected against theft or unauthorised use continuously. Furthermore, in the case of a stolen vehicle we can track the journey the vehicle took and how it was transported as well as its current location to ensure a quick recovery.

PRICE PER UNIT installed (Including Commissioning)



Skyline SK-F920 Fleet Management                       £279.00p


Plant Protection casing                                                 £30.00p



1 Year                                           33p per day             £120.00p

3 Years                                          22p per day             £240.00p

5 Years                                          17p per day             £300.00p


It’s only £120.00p for a De & Re Installation this Includes Update of Asset information.


THE BENEFITS: The Viasat Unit and airtime can be moved from vehicle to vehicle: You own the unit therefore there are no hidden contracts. Many online free to have tracking contracts are tied up with hidden tariffs that far out way the benefits. This System can be monitored on all platforms and again all this is free of charge. The unit is exceedingly robust.


I have been installing Viasat for Over 10 years years and haven't as yet had a product failure and with tracking that’s a massive plus.

All prices are correct at time of publishing but may vary without prior notification. Price are quoted exclusive of VAT unless stated

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